Should I invest into a table or recliner?

Updated: Feb 4

One of the most frequently asked questions among beginner lash artists is, “Should I invest into a massage table, an esthetic chair, or a recliner?” After 6 years of lashing experience using all three options, here are some tips to help you decide which option works best for you and where to buy.

When purchasing a massage table, an esthetic chair, or a recliner, you must keep in mind that both you and the client will be spending hours on the option you chose. Comfort is essential.


Massage Table →

Pros: Holds the highest amount of weight; easily portable.

Cons: Uncomfortable for both the client and artist; hard to lash due to its height and angle.

After an hour of lashing clients often began to complain and move around, adding interruptions and discomfort to the lash session.

Ladies, I suggest leaving the massage tables to massage therapists. Massage tables were designed with massages in mind, not lashes. Unless you are a traveling artist, and/or your clientele are on the plus side, toss the massage tables aside.


These come in a variety of styles but there are mainly two types of esthetician chairs; mechanical or non-mechanical. I've had both kinds of esthetician chairs. I prefer the mechanical over the non-mechanical because you are able to adjust the chair based on the client’s height and comfort preference.

<-- Non-mechanical Esthetician Chair

Mechanical -->

Pros: Much more comfortable for the client than the massage table. Ability to adjust height according to each customer’s needs if mechanical. Easy to maneuver around client for hard-to-reach places. Great option for lash artists who also work on brows and do other beauty services.

Cons: Not easily portable. Clients may still find these chairs uncomfortable after extended periods of time. They can carry a high price tag for someone just starting.


<-- Recliner -

Riser --> (if needed)

By far my favorite of them all. I wish I knew about the recliner option when I first started lashing. Clients love, love, love, the recliner. Many fall asleep on it, making their session go by quickly and in complete relaxation.

Pro: The most comfortable out of both options for both the client and the artist.

Cons: Not portable. Not designed for lash artists so it will take some additional tweaks to make it perfect.

Recliners can be a bit low so I highly recommend building a platform or finding a wooden pallet you can paint and getting the leg risers pictured above. You may also need a pillow for the client to sit on if they are on the shorter side.


You will have to consider the space you will be working in, how much you travel, and how much you are willing to invest in your set up. I've made my opinions known on which I believe to be the best option but now you can make an informed decision no matter what choice you go with. Lastly, remember to invest in a good chair for yourself. Out of all the chairs I’ve had throughout my years of lashing this one is my favorite:

Adjustable Chair (You will spend hours on this chair, invest in a good one)

Check out my blog on what you'll need to run your lash business for more details.

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