What Do I Need to Run My Lash Business? (Part I)

Updated: Feb 5


You've taken the lash course and are wondering, “now what?” Or maybe you are considering becoming a lash artist but are unsure how much you will need to invest just to get started? Here is a comprehensive list of everything you will need to launch your own successful lash business and where to find them.

If you want to succeed in the lash business while saving money long-term, the best plan is to invest with “quality over quantity” in mind. This list consists of the best equipment I have personally invested in throughout my 6 years of working as a lash artist.

This list is broken into two parts: equipment and lash supplies. We will first cover the equipment you will need followed by lash supplies. Both the equipment and supplies discussed are quality products I use with my very own clients; I highly recommend them.

Keep an eye out for the supply portion of this two part blog post.

Mannequin Head

Before seeing clients invest into a good mannequin head for practice until you feel comfortable enough for the real thing. The ones with interchangeable eyelids are the best.

Adjustable Chair

You will spend hours sitting in a chair. Invest in a good one.

Your chair must be comfortable, allow for ventilation and height adjustable. Believe me, after hours of lashing clients of all different shapes and sizes you'll be grateful to have this.

You will need either a massage table, recliner, or esthetic chair. You may choose any one of these three options. To help you decide which works best for you check out my article, "Should I invest into a table or recliner?"


Recliner riser

(if needed)

Esthetic Chair

Massage Table

You will need a humidifier or dehumidifier to control the humidity in your room. Controlling humidity is essential for your glue to be effective. Whether you need a humidifier or dehumidifier depends on your location. If you live in a very humid location you may need a dehumidifier and vice versa.

Follow for a future blog on appropriate conditions for lashing.




Along with the humidifier and dehumidifier I recommend a thermo-hygrometer to track your room temperature.

You will need a place to store all your lash supplies where they are easily accessible and a place for your setup while lashing. I recommend either of these.

Wide Cart

Tall Cart

Unfortunately, there are a lot of crappy fans that break apart easily. These are my two favorites that have lasted me the longest.

Handheld Mini Fan

Perfect if you are looking to save space. It is smaller than most people's phones.

Magic Dryer

This one has been in use since I bought it. I'm a big fan of it especially since it has no visible blades.

Lash Tiles

Saving time equals more money! Setting up before each client takes time. Save time by having premade sets on lash tiles.

Magnifying glasses (if needed)

If you are farsighted I do recommend getting some magnifying glasses. Isolation is key to proper and beautiful lash art. If you are unable to see the root it will impair your work.

Sanitizer or Sterilizer

There is a lot of debate as to which one to use in lashing. Personally I recommend both. Use a sanitizer first then sterilizer. Whichever option you decide these are some of my recommendations:


Don't forget you'll need to purchase sanitizing solution with it, which we will go over in part two.

Small Sterilizer

The space saving option. Good place to start if you are unable to go right to the full sized version.

Full-Sized Sterilizer

This is the one to go with if you can. You have much more room for all your tools.

Work Light

Your work light should have multiple light settings since different lash hairs require different types of lighting for better visibility. Invest in a quality work light because you will be using it daily. Consider what size you can purchase without it being an obstruction in your work environment.

14" Ring light

Great for tight work environments

18" Ring light

For when you have a little more room to work


The most expensive of the bunch, but also the most versatile of the bunch. Does not have the same limitations of a ring light to light up all the angles and make your own shadow a non-factor.

Next are a couple pieces of equipment that are not strictly necessary, but I do recommend in order to make your operation smoother. Once again, saving time frees you to make more money.

Desk organizers are great for easy to reach, quick supplies. I like to keep my glues, primers, and sealants on here. I also keep disposables such as mascaras, wands, and micro brushes here (these should always be kept in a closed container or plastic wrap).




Phone Stand

If you are receiving messages from clients all day and want to keep an eye on your notifications, invest into a phone stand. Phones do hold a lot of bacteria, so it’s a perk being able to avoid touching it during a lash service.

As a lash artist you spend hours in awkward positions. It is wise to invest in a heating pad and/or tens machine to care for your muscles. Make sure that you talk with your doctor about best application practices, especially with the Tens machine.